That's my design and what inspires me...

#nature #autumn #leaves #plants

...which is mainly nature...

I grew up in a small village in Austria, when I went outside I literally stood on the fields. No wonder why I am close to nature, I guess. Well, it always fascinated me, everything about it: the shapes, the colours, the structures, its force and adaptability. Nature would give us actually every answer, we can't do it better than it, we can only learn from it.

I think that's one reason why I like the famous, spanish architect Antonio Gaudí so much - like the also famous but austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser did. Which is a funny connection as I am also austrian. Gaudí as well as Hundertwasser were inspired by nature and especially Hunderwasser tried to do his bit. Environmentalism was very important to him - and it is to me.

I love making jewelry but since some years I try to find ways and materials to do it in a more sustainable way. That's why I started to reuse materials, to recycle and upcycle. And finally I found a way to produce my products with #ecosilver, which is 100% recycled silver, and try to use recycled plexiglass. There is so much unused material out their that goes to waste and instead of reusing it we search for new one. I think that's the wrong approach. What do you think? I'm happy to get your feedback & inputs on designs and use of material :)

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