That's me...

...and that's my story...

Since I was a little girl I loved art, paintings and especially jewelry. I always wanted to do something creative, handcrafts, designs - I wanted to have a creative job. After graduating from high school I attended the professional school for glass craftwork and design in Austria.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a job in this field (it's a though business and I was raised security-oriented..."it's better having a job with a safe monthly income than being self-employed and fighting every month for the survival"...) so I was working 7 years for a great Swedish furniture company as a Visual Merchandise&Activity Manager in Austria and Switzerland. My beloved jewelry became my hobby but at some point that wasn't enough for me anymore. I realized that I wanted to turn my hobby into my career.

So I took the risc. I quit my job and started working on my own business and here I am :)

I hope you like my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, inputs or wishes.