That's my jewelry...

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...and that's its story...

It's quite obvious: I LOVE COLOURS! My jewelry is one-of-a-kind, colourful and made of different materials. I love to combine various patterns and to recycle things. Especially regarding jewelry I'm not a member of the throwaway society. At the beginning of my career I was working with broken glass beads, old buttons, can closures, costume jewelry people want to get rid of ... I reused everything (last row of photos). Now I work with #ecosilver, it's 100% recycled silver, that I combine mainly with plexiglass.

Every piece is unique, a single piece with a special design and of course 100% handcrafted by me.

You are very welcome to visit my online shop (link to be found in the menu). I hope you will like it and if you have any special requests please don't hesitate to contact me!